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The Forest Projects Plan

The Authority is leading a coalition of partners in planning and implementing projects to restore and enhance disaster resilience to Upper Mokelumne forests. The large Upper Mokelumne landscape, recently suffering or threatened by multiple catastrophic wildfires (Caldor, Butte, Power, et al) is the high value target for principal coalition partners Eldorado NF, Stanislaus NF, Amador Calaveras Consensus Group, Sierra Nevada Conservancy and Cal Fire. Beginning early 2022 the coalition began aggressively pursuing the two-phased Forest Projects Plan (FPP) initiative. The Phase 1 plan, completed in January 2023, prescribes treatments to about 26,000 priority acres. Phase 2, initiated in December 2022, will develop a comprehensive plan and the associated environmental clearances for treatements and related forest health actions for another 225,000 acres. Initial Phase 1 treatments to 2,255+ acres, with grant funding by Cal Fire, will begin this summer.