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The MAC Plan

In 2016, the Department of Water Resources updated the standards for Integrated Regional Water Management Plans (IRWMPs). To meet these new requirements and maintain funding eligibility, the Mokelumne-Amador-Calaveras (MAC) Region led by the Regional Participants Committee (RPC) prepared the 2018 MAC Plan Update. In preparation for Proposition 1 Round 2 IRWM funding, the Region updated its project list in late 2021 and captured these updates in a 2022 Addendum. Both the Final 2018 Plan and the 2022 Addendum are available on the Documents page. 

MAC Plan Background

The Mokelumne-Amador-Calaveras IRWM planning effort was initiated in 2006 as a cooperative effort by Amador Water Agency (AWA), Calaveras County Water District (CCWD), Amador County, City of Jackson, City of Sutter Creek, City of Plymouth, Amador Regional Sanitation Authority (ARSA) and East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD). These entities entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the purposes of coordinating water resources planning and implementation activities and formed the official MAC region RWMG, with AWA assuming the role of region administrator for the RWMG.

In 2009, UMRWA assumed lead agency responsibilities with respect to the MAC Region IRWM program. In fulfilling this RWMG role, the Regional Participants Committee (RPC) was established. The RPC is a committee of city, county, special district, non-governmental organizations, and federal agency stakeholders which provided essential input and guidance to the development of the 2013 MAC Plan Update. The RPC has a continuing role in both maintaining the Plan's list of implementation projects and programs, and in future Plan updates whenever such updates are determined necessary and appropriate.

MAC Plan and RPC documents are accessible on the Documents page.