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Board Overview

The Joint Powers Authority agreement section pertaining to the UMRWA Board of Directors is here: 

Section 5.2 Governing Board. The Authority shall be administered by a Board of Directors, which shall consist of eight (8) Directors, each serving in his or her individual capacity as a Director of the Board. One Director shall be appointed by and designated in writing from time to time by the governing bodies of each of the Member Entities; provided, however, that the Alpine Entities shall together appoint one (1) Director. Each Member Entity may also appoint, in the same manner, one or more alternate Directors, who may act in place of its Director in the Director’s absence.

Each Director (and his or her alternate) shall serve at the pleasure of the governing body by whom such Director (or his or her alternate) was appointed.

No Director shall receive any compensation from the Authority for serving as such, but shall be entitled to reimbursement for any expenses actually incurred in connection with serving as a Director if the Board determines that such expenses shall be reimbursed and there are unencumbered funds available for such purpose.