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Community Engagement Initiatives

UMRWA's two primary community outreach and engagement initiatives relate to the Authority's two principal Programs, the Forest Program and the MAC Plan/IRWM Program.

Forest Program engagement is primarily through the Amador Calaveras Consensus Group. The ACCG is UMRWA's regional community partner engaged in improving the health and wildfire resilience of Upper Mokelumne forests.  [Link to the ACCG at -]

For MAC Plan related activities the Regional Participnts Committee is the primary community engagement platform. The RPC is a regional stakeholder group comprised of city, county, special district, non-governmental organizations, and federal agency stakeholders which provide essential input and guidance to the development oand updating of the MAC Plan. The RPC has a continuing role in both maintaining the Plan's list of implementation projects and programs, and in future Plan updates whenever such updates are determined necessary.